The Merging is a two year long collaborative series by photographer Gracie Hagen and painter Julia Haw, in which each artist has visually depicted twelve pre-determined facets of romantic relationships.  The works carve into the dark underbelly of love, spanning erotica, tenderness, abuse and banality.  Though the artists chose to reveal the works to one another only when completed, each facet, paired side by side share a similar refined and reductive language.  This may be attributed both to career stage as well as the overall grieving context both artists shared upon relationship departures in the midst of the series’ creation. Each of the coupled facets illustrate palpable differences in artistic interpretation yet act cohesively as a testament to the nuances of amorous entanglements.

Haw and Hagen met in 2013 while exhibiting together in “Atalanta and the Lion,” an all women group show curated by Claire Molek.

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